31 Dec 2009, 2:16pm
Color Bakery Art news

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New stained glass art from Color Bakery.

Color Bakery has new art nouveau stained glass art that can be ordered custom on all our products. People ask me if, when printed on glass, if they will light up. The answer is yes. They won’t allow extensive light as they are not transparent…however, they are luminescent and direct lighting behind them will give the artwork a beautiful ambient glow. Even though they are gorgeous on glass, they can be ordered on any of our products–from clocks to serving trays to tote bags. Just type the name of the image into the empty field as you load your cart. To discern the names of the images listed below, as well as the names of the art galleries¬† in which they can be found,¬† just mouse over them.¬† Click image to see larger version.

Belle Epoch

Tulip Awakening from our Stained Glass Gallery

Iris Coloring Book from our Stained Glass Art Gallery

Candy Coated Irises from our Stained Glass Art Gallery

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